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Installation and maintenance of climate control equipment

Why us ?

  • We approach our work responsibly
    All our masters have specialized education and qualifications of the Russian Federation
  • Certified products

    We use only professional hypoallergenic products that are safe even for children
  • We work cleanly

    Your interior remains clean as we use durable protective film during the work process, and also carry out cleaning upon completion of work.

When should you contact us?

  • If your home is always either cold or hot
    no matter what you do with the thermostat
  • If you are used to quality service
    and you just can’t find a suitable price-quality ratio in the UAE market
  • If your children often get sick for no reason
    Runny nose, colds, cough
  • If you need Russian-language service
    for maintenance and repairs while in the UAE

Our services

offices, restaurants, shops and others

Our prices

Comprehensive cleaning of 1 air conditioning unit


900 AED

Cleaning air ducts in additional rooms,
where are the air duct grilles


350 AED*

Repair work on the air conditioning system, one-time visit without comprehensive cleaning of the air conditioning system


350 AED
Repair work on the air conditioning system carried out as part of a visit to clean the air conditioning system
The price depends on the type of work; consumables and items requiring replacement are paid separately

Home renovations (plumbing, bathrooms, electrical, etc.)


250 AED
* The cost and need for service for outdoor units (villas and townhouses) depend on the condition of the units and are determined based on the results of their inspection during the visit.
* There is a system of discounts for work in premises (apartments, villas) with a large number of air conditioning units (3+).
* Prices can be adjusted taking into account the individual characteristics of the order - difficult access, severe contamination due to prolonged lack of cleaning, etc.
* Providing services with travel to another emirate is possible, but requires a cost calculation taking into account additional transportation costs.
* We do not impose additional services. We work honestly and openly with every client.
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a consultation

Stages of work


Contact us in a way convenient for you

call the phone number indicated on the website, written request via instant messengers or email
Coordination of the scope of work, technical specifications
if necessary, an engineer will visit your site
Conclusion of an agreement
taking into account your wishes and our recommendations
Departure to you
performance of works/services
Delivery of completed work/services
with a guarantee


1.How long does cleaning take?
On average 1 hour per 1 room.
2.Is the work noisy?
We use electric tools - vacuum cleaners, screwdrivers, a spray gun, which in general are not much noisier than household appliances.
3.Why are there no final prices on the website? How much do your services cost?
The cost of work starts from 490 dirhams (excluding VAT) for 1 air conditioning unit for villas and apartments.

Local companies quite often indicate the final price, which is why, after they provide services, many of our clients discover deficiencies, shortcomings, or services not provided at all. This happens because the service company only finds out on the spot the objective state of the system, but since their work is put on stream and they are forced to spend no more than 4 hours on an apartment with 2-3 bedrooms, they only clean what they have time for, because the client is in In very rare situations, he will check on them and until the next company visits, he will be completely unaware of the quality of the cleaning performed.

We spend the whole day just on your site and will work until your problems are resolved. Therefore, our price is determined upon arrival to the site and our completion of additional work.

Also, housing in the UAE is not of the same type, and the condition of the ventilation and air conditioning system may differ in neighboring apartments of the same layout. Air conditioners differ by manufacturer, type and service life. The difference in the weight of one motor, which we pull out and wash, can be 3-4 times. The number of such motors is from 1 to 4.

The condition of the electrical wiring, the period since the last cleaning, difficult access to the air conditioner unit, the surface area to be cleaned, the size of the air duct grilles - all this affects the final price, but not more than 50% of the indicated price for each unit.
4.Are the products you use harmful?
We use only certified products approved for use on the UAE, UK, EU and US markets. We do not use Chinese compounds. You can look at our compositions before processing and choose the one you like best.
5.What makes you better than local companies?
  1. All our masters have higher education.
  2. Based on the results of the work, an automated BEFORE and AFTER report is sent.
  3. We work with American, German and British tools and materials.
  4. We use dust screens from the Zipwall system (USA) and always clean up after ourselves.
  5. We understand the level of service and quality expected from us, we speak the same language with the customer in every sense.

If these reasons are not enough for you, then we are ready to convince you! We are waiting for your call +971 56 100 20 55.
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